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'I don’t want a shoulder to lean on. I don’t need it. The whole idea of “Someone, that special someone!” is for me, a load of shit. I must be fully contained. No leakage, no spillover. Dependency is weakness. It’s such a lie. Lying there in bed, in your lover’s arms. 'She’s behind me, she believes in me!' No one is behind me. I am behind me. I believe in me. I don’t need any support group to keep my head together. I know what I have to do, so I should shut up and do it.' []


If I could tell you in one sentence, who I am. If I could peel back a layer and show you? I still wouldn’t. There are a million of  feelings running through the corse of my body. Taking away edges I never even knew I had until they were permanently damaged. There are a million; Aches.Bruises.Cuts.Pains. A million. And not one word to describe to you Who I am. Where i’ve been. And how I got here. We all have stories. I am one. An untold, unreadable, unattainable story, written in a language you’ll never know, never understand. And I make no apologies. - Me

I am sarcastic and bitchy; Be forewarned.

I like to play pretend, My dream is to one day do it professionally<3

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